Green Services

(Natural, Eco-Friendly)

Green funerals and burials combine caring for the deceased and caring for the environment. Common practices include the restriction of certain items such as burial vaults, the use of only biodegradable and renewably sourced burial containers (caskets or shrouds), and burial spaces maintaining their natural landscape without damaging chemicals and processes. Many elements of traditional Jewish funeral services are aligned with green services, such as the Tahara ritual cleansing and dressing in shrouds (tachrichim), conducting services without embalming, and the use of naturally sourced and biodegradable (wood) caskets.

Sometimes, certain arrangements, selections, or places of disposition may not meet the strict standards for green or natural services, such as cremation, a cemetery’s requirement for a burial vault or embalming. Hybrid options are available to blend green practices with the conflicting requirements.

In addition to the natural burial practices found in common with Jewish traditions, our commitment to green funeral and burial practices in conventional and green cemeteries include:

  • Available service arrangements and practices for the benefit, conservation, and preservation of natural resources
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly merchandise and material options
  • Caring for the deceased with a minimal environmental impact