Cremation Services

Cremation is an alternative disposition option to traditional burial or entombment of casketed remains. While there are differing opinions and commentaries from clergy and sects of Judaism, cremation is available for this community. All of the traditions, customs, and rituals for Jewish funerals and burial are still available when arranging for cremation. Clergy are prepared to counsel families in mourning who elect to arrange for cremation, and many will officiate their funeral, memorial, and committal services. Burial plots are also available for cremated remains in local Jewish cemeteries.

Traditional cremation options may include:

  • Tahara (ritual washing) and wrapping in Tachrichim (traditional burial garments)
  • Selection of a Kosher all wood casket (Aron)
  • A funeral service with opportunities for kriah (tearing a garment or ribbon), recitation of traditional prayers, psalms, hesped (eulogies), and kevurah (burial)

Cremation is commonly mistaken for being simpler to arrange with fewer opportunities for ritual and memorialization. Our directors can also assist in planning what to do before and after the cremation has taken place. Some of those options include:

  • Holding a traditional funeral or memorial service for mourners, extended family and friends
  • In-ground burial and scattering at-sea services
  • Placement in a mausoleum niche
  • Sharing the cremated remains among family with any urns and/or keepsake items