Advance funeral planning

Advance funeral planning allows you to make all the necessary decisions in a relaxed non-stressful atmosphere. It eliminates any guesswork when left to family and friends who may not be completely aware of your preferences. Advance funeral planning is a decision only you can make. A pre-arranged funeral allows you to plan ahead by making informed personal choices and ensures that your wishes will be carried out.

Is There A Financial Advantage To Planning A Funeral In Advance?

Yes, in addition to ensuring that your expressed wishes are fulfilled, a pre-planned, pre-paid funeral contract has the added benefits of: protecting against rising costs and reducing assets for Medicaid-Title 19. A fully funded contract guarantees that the price of a funeral and associated expenses are fixed. Funds are protected by Connecticut law, which mandates that the escrow account be insured by a federal banking institution. Abraham L Green and Son Funeral Home escrows 100% of all funds received for a pre-planned pre-paid funeral.

Should I Attend One Of The Florida Advance Funeral Planning Luncheons For Information?

Anyone living in Florida, whether full time or visiting as a snowbird, is faced with the inevitable – the free advance funeral planning luncheon. For some, the sell is too good to resist. It is only afterwards that the surviving family members are left with regrets that their mother or father decided not to be buried back home. Our funeral home receives numerous phone calls inquiring about making the necessary arrangements to move their parents back home. Being completely informed is vital to making the appropriate decision. Our directors are available to answer your questions for those faced with this dilemma. Speaking to one of our directors prior to signing a contract with a sales representative in Florida is vital in making an informed decision.

Is Florida Different Than Connecticut? How Do You Know What Is Right?

Yes, Florida is different than Connecticut as each state has its own set of governing laws, but all states must abide by certain federal laws. In 2006, Samuel Green obtained his Florida funeral director’s license after studying and preparing to take their licensure exam. Sam is well versed in the Florida Funeral Industry and the strategies used to sell a contract.

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