When a loved one dies, what do I d​o?

A death occurs, and without warning, a family member is left to make all the difficult decisions of arranging a funeral. A call to our funeral home will begin the process of making a very difficult situation bearable. Our staff will guide you through the process of making informed choices with the utmost professionalism and compassion.

I don’t want to burden my family. How do I make my arrangements in advance?

Pre-planning allows you to make all the necessary decisions in a relaxed non-stressful atmosphere. It eliminates any guesswork when left to family and friends who may not be completely aware of your preferences. Advance funeral planning is a decision only you can make. A pre-arranged funeral allows you to plan ahead by making informed personal choices and ensures that your wishes will be carried out.

What happens if someone dies out of state or even out of the country?

Many times a death occurs away from home whether it be in another state or even out of the country. Should this happen, the Abraham L Green and Son Funeral Home is still able to assist you with all the arrangements that need to be made. We have been a member of KAVOD- The Independent Jewish Funeral Chapels since its founding in 2002. Through this organization, we have forged relationships with other Jewish funeral homes throughout the country and Canada to assist us in the event of an out of state death. As a member of the National Funeral Directors Association, we have extensive contacts with well-respected funeral homes in areas in which there is no Jewish funeral home available. Over the years, we have had to work internationally to assist families who have experienced a death in a foreign country. Our experienced staff is well versed in handling this most delicate and complicated situation.

Should I attend one of the Florida pre-planning luncheons for information?

Anyone living in Florida, whether full time or visiting as a snowbird, is faced with the inevitable – the free pre-planning luncheon. For some, the sell is too good to resist. It is only afterwards that the surviving family members are left with regrets that their mother or father decided not to be buried back home. Our funeral home receives numerous phone calls inquiring about making the necessary arrangements to move their parents back home. Being completely informed is vital to making the appropriate decision. Our directors are available to answer your questions for those faced with this dilemma. Speaking to one of our directors prior to signing a contract with a sales representative in Florida is vital in making an informed decision.

Is Florida different than Connecticut? How do you know what is right?

Yes, Florida is different than Connecticut as each state has its own set of governing laws, but all states must abide by certain federal laws. In 2006, Sam Green obtained his Florida funeral director’s license after studying and preparing to take their licensure exam. Sam is well versed in the Florida Funeral Industry and the strategies used to sell a contract.

Is there a financial advantage to pre- planning a funeral?

Yes, in addition to ensuring that your expressed wishes are fulfilled, a pre-planned, pre-paid funeral contract has the added benefits of: The necessity to reduce assets for the purpose of Title 19. The guarantee that the price of a funeral and associated expenses are fixed. Funds are protected by Connecticut law, which mandates that the escrow account be insured by a federal banking institution. Abraham L Green and Son Funeral Home escrows 100% of all funds received for a pre-planned pre-paid funeral.

I thought Jewish law required the funeral to take place within 24 hours?

The ritual that a Jewish funeral and burial take place within 24 hours was born during a time when families resided in the same “shtetl” and travel was not a concern. The “24 hour rule” also addressed the inability to properly maintain the deceased. In today’s society with families spread throughout the world and with modern conveniences, it is not uncommon for the funeral and burial to take place later than 24 hours. However, when making the arrangements for the funeral, care should be taken in honoring the deceased by not intentionally delaying the funeral to a more convenient day.

We are an interfaith couple and would like you to handle our funerals. Is this possible?

We are here to serve our interfaith community along with many of our Synagogues and Temples.