frequently asked questions

When A Loved One Dies, What Do I Do?

A death occurs, and without warning, a family member is left to make all the difficult decisions of arranging a funeral. A call to our funeral home will begin the process of making a very difficult situation bearable. Our staff will guide you through the process of making informed choices with the utmost professionalism and compassion. For more information, please visit our page about Making Final Arrangements.

I Don't Want To Burden My Family, How Do I Make Arrangements In Advance?

Advance funeral planning allows you to make all the necessary decisions in a relaxed non-stressful atmosphere. It eliminates any guesswork when left to family and friends who may not be completely aware of your preferences. Advance funeral planning is a decision only you can make. A pre-arranged funeral allows you to plan ahead by making informed personal choices and ensures that your wishes will be carried out. For more information, please visit our page about Advance Funeral Planning.

Should I Contact Social Security?

Yes, we only notify Social Security that a death has occurred by using the Social Security Administration's Form 721. You may have to provide a Death Certificate and other documents to receive Social Security benefits. Additional information is available by calling your local Social Security Office, contacting a Social Security Representative at 1-800-722-1213, or visiting the Social Security Administration.                          

How Do I File For Veterans Benefits?

You will need to provide our staff with copies of the Veteran’s discharge papers (Form DD-214), sign the Veteran’s benefit forms that we will provide, and pay the funeral bill in full. Once this has been completed, we will file the required documents with the Veterans Administration headquarters. If you qualify for benefits, further forms will be sent to you by the Veteran’s Administration. For more information, please visit the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.  

When Do I Make Arrangements For The Memorial Inscription?

Most monument companies send letters within 30 days after the death of your loved one. At that time an appointment should be made to complete the inscription with the monument company. Many cemeteries require that a monument and inscription are installed within a year following the burial.

When Should I Arrange For The Unveiling?

Once the memorial inscription is completed, the unveiling can be scheduled with the cemetery and Rabbi. The unveiling usually takes place prior to the first anniversary of your loved one’s death.

Where Are The Kriah Ribbons Worn And For How Long?

Children wear the Kriah ribbon on their left, and siblings, spouse, and/or parents wear the ribbon on their right. The ribbon is worn for 30 days from the date of burial, but removed for Shabbat on Friday evening at sunset and replaced Saturday evening at sunset.

What Are The Shiva Guidelines?

The normal shiva period lasts 7 days, however many circumstances can affect this. Consult with your Rabbi for guidance or review our page about Shiva and Mourning.

When Do I Light The Shiva Candle?

Light the candle upon return from the cemetery and allow it to burn until the candle extinguishes itself. Consult with your Rabbi for guidance or review our page about Shiva and Mourning.  

When Will I Get Certified Copies Of The Death Certificate?

After the personal information has been provided by the family to the funeral director, we can then produce the original certificate. The original certificate must then be completed with the medical certification and signed by the physician. The completed certificate is then sent to the Registrar of Vital Statistics of the Town in which the death occurred. Processing times vary and may take up to 10 business days.

Will All Of The Death Certificates Be Certified Copies?

Yes, all copies you receive from the Registrar of Vital Statistics are certified copies of the original. The original recorded copy is retained by the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

Why Do I Need Death Certificates With And Without A Cause Of Death For The State Of Florida?

Anything that is filed with the Clerk of Circuit Court of Probate (i.e. motor vehicle, real estate) will not accept a Death Certificate with the cause of death. Insurance and some pensions require a Death Certificate with the cause of death. Other agencies (i.e. social security, banks, stocks & bonds) will accept either version of the Death Certificate, but one with the cause of death is typically used.

How Do I Order Additional Death Certificates?

The original Death Certificate is recorded with the Registrar of Vital Statistics of the Town in which the death occurred. The funeral home can provide a reorder form that you can submit to the Registrar of Vital Statistics to obtain additional copies.

Do You Handle Services For Interfaith Families?

Yes, we are here to serve our interfaith community. Additionally, some Jewish cemeteries in the area have sections and plots available for interfaith families.