Licensed Staff

Samuel A. Green

For over 37 years, Sam Green has served the Fairfield County Jewish community with dignity and respect.  As a funeral director, Sam must tend to the needs of the families that have entrusted him with their loved one while at the same time as the owner; he must balance the demands of properly running the funeral home business.  It takes a special person to be able to manage both aspects and Sam is that special person. The community is extremely fortunate that Sam made the decision to attend mortuary school to carry on the family business.

Sam lives in Trumbull with his wife, Cheryl. His son Matthew is an Emmy Award winning Digital Media Engineer with NBC Olympics and his son Jonathan, who works with Sam, completed his Degree in Mortuary Science in 2013. In his spare time, Sam enjoys being outside and finds it relaxing to fix anything electronic that is broken.

  • Attended Schools in Bridgeport and Easton
  • Graduate American Academy/McCallister Institute of Mortuary Science
  • Licensed State of CT Embalmer/Funeral Director 1978
  • Licensed State of FL Embalmer/Funeral Director 2006
  • Past Executive Director and Past President of KAVOD-The Independent Jewish Funeral Chapels
  • President Eintracht Cemetery Association
  • Member Pastoral Services Committee Jewish Home for the Elderly

Jonathan L. Green

Jonathan has been part of the Green Funeral Home family since birth. As Sam’s younger son, Jonathan has the unique perspective of growing up with the funeral business as part of his everyday life. He has a greater understanding and awareness of the demands this type of work places on the personal life of its directors and the adjustments their children must make in their lives. Jonathan knew that dad was not always going to be there for those special moments at school because another family needed him. He was able to sense when a death was more troubling to his father and would console him in his own way to help ease his mind. Through this awareness, Jonathan has developed the skill to be able to adapt to any situation and has a tremendous gift to listen to people and offer comforting words. Jonathan has worked along side Sam and Brian during college breaks, over the summers and since graduating from Ithaca College in 2009. He now has had the opportunity to experience the funeral home business from another perspective and has found many rewarding aspects of the profession along with its difficulties. Jonathan served as an assistant to the funeral home staff and has come to be a welcoming smile to those in mourning and for many attending the funeral.

Outside of the funeral home, Jonathan can be found practicing his favorite songs on his guitar or bass guitar or working on cars in the driveway. He has a passion for all things automotive and hopes to one day find an old muscle car to restore with his dad. Jonathan lives in Fairfield with his wife, Emily, and their cat, Hobbes.

Jonathan attended graduate school at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, and went on to attend mortuary school at  American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service in New York, graduating Suma Cum Laude in August 2013. He has demonstrated to everyone what a valuable asset he is to Green Funeral Home.

  • Graduate-Ezra Academy
  • Graduate-Hopkins School
  • Graduate-Merkaz Hebrew High School 
  • Ithaca College-Bachelor of Arts 2009
  • Licensed E.M.T. State of CT 2009
  • Certified with N.R.E.M.T. 2009
  • Graduate American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service 2013

Brian McCarty

Many children know at a young age what they want to be when they grow up.  For some it is a doctor, lawyer or teacher, but for Brian McCarty, he wanted to be a funeral director.  While attending a funeral for a family member, Brian found himself absorbed and fascinated by the proceedings and began to read about the profession.  He sought out members in the funeral profession to get first hand knowledge and to find out exactly what this occupation would entail.  Brian was fourteen at the time and was well on his way to his career.  After completing high School, Brian’s dream to become a funeral director was about to begin as he was accepted into the Mortuary Science department at SUNY Canton in upstate New York and eventually becoming the Vice President of The Mortuary Science Association.  Once his schooling was complete, Brian passed the necessary examinations given by the National Board and the State of New York to obtain his Funeral Director/Embalming license.  For seven years Brian worked in Rochester, NY but felt that he needed to make a change to have a greater opportunity to use the skills he went to school for.  Brian McCarty joined the Green Funeral Home family in 2009 after passing the State of Connecticut licensure exam.

While on the job, the emotions that Brian experiences can range from gratitude as expressed by a thankful family to complete despair upon the death of someone too young.  In order to balance these emotions, Brian enjoys camping in upstate New York with his wife Amy, their daughter Emily, and their pug Bowie.  When time allows, Brian and Amy like to attend Broadway shows and concerts.

Attended school in Livonia, NY

           SUNY-Canton Associates Degree-Mortuary Science 2002
           Licensed State of NY in Embalming/Funeral Director 2003
           Licensed State of CT in Embalming/Funeral Director 2009