About Us

Abraham L. Green

Founder  1916 - 2007

Growing up in New Haven, CT, Abe Green knew at an early age that he wanted to serve the Jewish community in some sort of capacity. As a young boy, he regularly visited his grandfather in the Jewish Home for the Elderly and together they frequently attended the funerals taking place. Abe became very comfortable with the proceedings, eventually leading in the prayers. He had come to realize that he could make it a profession that was not just a job but and honor and a mitzvah.

During World War II, Abe’s role was on the front line as a medic in the infantry which served to cement his comfort level with death and dying. Upon returning from the war, Abe entered the American Academy of Funeral Service in New York to become a licensed mortician. His dream was to own a funeral home that catered to the needs of the Jewish community. In the 1940s, the Bridgeport community was actively seeking someone to open a Jewish funeral home. Until that time, the Jewish community utilized local establishments which did not necessarily cater to our customs and needs.

Abraham Green’s desire was about to become a reality when he was approached by the leaders of the Bridgeport Jewish community to come to Bridgeport and serve the community. In 1948, Abe borrowed the money necessary to open the A. L. Green Funeral Home on Grand Street in Bridgeport.

Samuel Green

In 1978, Samuel Green obtained his degree from the American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service in New York, became a licensed embalmer / funeral director and joined his father in the family business. As time progressed and the community was no longer located just in Bridgeport, Sam realized that the funeral home needed to make a move that would help to serve the entire Jewish Community of Fairfield County. He envisioned a modern facility that was more centrally located.

For nearly 50 years the original facility served the Greater Bridgeport Jewish community but a change was necessary. As time progressed and Sam took over the day to day managing of the Abraham L. Green and Son Funeral Home. He made his vision a reality by moving the funeral home to its current location on Beach Road in Fairfield. Sam continues to provide the same level of professionalism and caring to the Jewish community that his father began in 1948.